+ 27.225 MHz 250: Christmas

Christmas is not about Santa Claus,

or a few days off work to enjoy a pause;

it is not about pageants on stages;

or about shoppers' frustrated rages

because they are unable to find

the exact gift they have had in mind---

pricey, name-branded, exclusively designed.

Christmas is about a young girl from Nazareth

and about a miraculous pregnancy;

and out of that delivery,

her Son would be both a Presence and a Gift;

Who lives to save us from sin and death;

Whose Holy Name we should always lift

in the most exultant of Praise,

exalting Him---not just on Christmas, but all our days,

and during our constellated nights.

Through His Grace and Mercy we are---

despite the obstacles of failures and flaws---

redeemed by God's Lamb, the Bright and Morning Star,

from whom the sky's stars have received their lights:

so much more than provided by Santa Claus.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

The poem alludes to Luke 1-2, John 1:29, and Revelation 22:16.

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