Reply To Phil Larkin's Poem, "This Be The Verse"

Coldly remember mom and dad?

I think they tried to drive me mad---

laughing at times when I was sad;

and who, with scorn, glibly assailed

most any hope or plan I had

(no cushioning to ease or pad

the blow).  When I spoke of a crush,

they simply ordered me to hush;

and joked when my romances failed,

or when my highest earned grades trailed

the neighbors' kids.  Their jeers and mocks

were like concealed, shipwrecking rocks---

incessant and intent abuse.

But when BlueLevels slipped his shoes

off the warm softness of his socks:

and he, bejeaned, longtressed, was glad

to help me, as I languished there

to seek escape from such despair,

that summer, and no more to care

for each harsh word---fist in a glove---

fiding firm shelter in his love.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Philip Larkin's poem, "This Be The Verse," is not in the public domain, and therefore I have not used any of its lines as an epigraph.  This being a reply, with replies being well precedented in the literary canon, I suggest this would still qualify as "fair use."

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