+ 27.225 MHz 232: LXXVI; Poem After Romans 12:19

The Lord said, Vengeance is mine.

The Lord has promised, I will repay.

Therefore, no poem of mine---

not even a single line---

should attempt to add to the penalty

of the foe's obstinate perfidy.

The Scripture says, Give place to wrath.

The brethren's supernatural accuser

has appointed a chief deputy

who is an inveterate abuser

of words, though lacking skill and artistry.

He follows his supervisor's path:

not to me is the calling

to add to his penalty,

which will catch up to him without stalling.
But for his condemnation, none are forbidden to pray.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

The poem also alludes to Revelation 12:10.

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Difficult to let it slide

Difficult to let it slide sometimes, isn't it. But yeah, people usually get what's coming to them. Peace...

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Thank you for those kind

Thank you for those kind words.  I admit to being a very flawed Christian, and often I do not follow the obvious right path.  But, in a kind of paradox, the more I am flawed, the more I feel my need for a Saviour.  This is Grace, and I dare not question it.  Thanks for visiting the poem.


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