+ 27.225 MHz 227: Homage To Coelius Sedulius

Long have I searched for such great Christian poetry,

and take my inspiration from your fine example,

hoping to meet you in the promised Heavenly

garden.  Until then, guided by this splendid sample,

I pray Christ for a part of your ability---

not hampered by some old bonesot's shrill perfidy---

to write such poems, though in this late age given me.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

This homage, to the ancient Christian Poet, Coelius Sedulius, was inspired by a translation of some of his poetry, under the title, Easter Poem, by Roy Arthur Swanson, published in The Classical Journal, Vol. 52, No. 7, pp. 289-297.  Finding this translation, earlier this morning, I wondered why I had not been led to it in 1975-1976 when I aspired to write serious (rather than greeting card type) Christian poetry; but my faith reminded me that I was then so spiritually and literarily immature as to possibly being unappreciative of the gift, possibly to ignore it later, as I have mistakenly done with so much from my youthful age.

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