Et Opera Detis Ut Quieti Sitis

[after 1 Thessalonians 4:11]


Lack of the knowledge of theology

allows the inconvenience of morality

(that is, love, fellowship, pity, and courtesy)

to be subjected to fluidity,

so it can be applied . . . conveniently.

And those, who say we cannot surely know

that God exists or what must be His will,

have never studied to be quiet and still.

Thus unprepared with no credentials they can show,

they like to act as guides of what to do and how to go.

As upon thrones, they sit on their commodes

quite ignorant of Christ's saving intent,

or of His glory or cosmology;

or of the purposes of poetry,

say . . . Vergil's Eclogues or Horace's Odes.







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