+ 27.225 MHz: Late Summary Of My Final History Class, Spring, 1980

. . . He goeth before you into Galilee . . .

---Mark 16:7


Linking great and small cities---villages---abodes---

the lands and territories all around the Sea,

the vast, connective construct of long, sturdy roads

gave foremost purpose to the empire's destiny,

facilitating ancient Christian Ministry

(despite too much imperial perversity---

too flawed, too arrogant, and too imperfected):

borne thus, the Gospel traveled forth from Galilee,

and bearing the fellowship of the mystery---

by Christ brought to us out of His eternity,

unto the called faithful through their delivery

by Him, on a cross slain, then from Death resurrected,

the greatest triumph ever known in History.


Lord, I offer thanks for this in my poetry. 





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