+ 27.225 MHz 173: LXXVI; Nine Letters To Seven Churches

Then had the churches rest throughout all Judea and Galilee

and Samaria, and were edified . . . .

---Acts 9:31


They tell me that, in Saint Paul's time,

faith practices varied by its several locations:

I suppose that corresponds to

our contemporary denominations.


In spiritual freedom unhampered

by monotonous uniformity---

praise, preaching and testimony,

like to the faith in ancient Galilee.


Thus will the churches have rest;

in edification, from the Lord, blest.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

The title alludes to the nine of the Pauline epistles, which were written for the edification and instruction of seven local churches not geographically close.  When one reads the various messages carefully, the different faith practices and emphases, are revealed or implied.

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