Yet Once More + 27.225: Words To Read Before I Die, 2; After Luke 10:42, Eph. 1:4, And Heb 11:21

Thank You, Lord:  that You put Your Word into my heart;

that You chose even such as me for that Good Part.

And, in me, even me, You made it thrive;

through death's shadow it will keep me alive;

nor need I fear that I will not survive.

Death has been conquered, nor can ever strive

or grapple; and never, ever, can displace

Scriptural Faith founded on Christ's Resurrection,

in which I am included  and to the starward direction

that leads Heavenward from each age and place.

His blessing stands good for all time and through all space---

in the Orthodox Faith's Christian verity;

the grandeur of its Liturgy;

and the comfort of its spirituality;

these I shall praise in my poetry.




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