Dyfed, Bardic Poet And ArchDruid, Visits Stonehenge

In pasture stands the ancient ruin, Stonehenge;

but here no spirit, seeking to avenge

its half-life on the living, will take stride---

not in this Christian England, that Christ has sanctified.

Through these prodigious structures of massive stones,

the sound that some mistake as haunting moans

is only the wind upon rocks as it slides and slips:

time now for a sip of tea, and, later, some fish and chips.




































Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dyfed was the bardic name of Evan Rees, 1850-1923, an ordained minister of the Calvinist Methodist Church, and a bardic poet.  His humble, flat tombstone bears a brass plate on which has been inscribed his bardic name.

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