@ 27.105 MHz: Stellarings; Provision Of Docility In PreArranged Literary Doses

Wipe Your Eyes Across Your Mouth, The Detectives Shriek;

Ubiquity Of Condominiums, Of Which The Ceilings Leak;

The Three Proboscae Of Alma Peltrous, The Tripled Beak;

To The Rooks, The Knight's Avuncular Victory Streak;

Two Shirtlesss, Barefoot, Long-haired Fembois In Skinny Jeans' Chic:

The Prunes Like Old Prudes Are Pried From The Precipice Peak;

Two Young Men Explore Their Desires, On The Banks of Olde Mill Creek


Through subtle experiments of dissemination,
we programmed him to compose each novelization;
but, caught (because we compelled him) in drug dependency,
his fictions never acquired much civic credibility.
The greatest of his many complex fictions
was strung through all his books through varied depictions---
a humanoid species that he called Humanity;
carnal, corporeal, too conversive, and caught in fantasy.
The lunatics confined on that small planet now believe
that they are human, too---from his books that they receive.
This keeps them docile and trying to build the reality he had
described: dociling them, so that they do not know they are mad.
Their clothing, their customs, their callings, and how they think they look
are derived from the scenarios he wrote into each book.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

The first title listed, above, is a parody of a line from T. S. Eliot's poem, "Preludes," IV and Philip K Dick's novel, Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said.  The second and third titles are also parodies of other titles of Dick's novels.  The remaiing titles are of my own creation.

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