+ 27.225 MHz 119: LXXVI; On Acts 13:48, And The Joy Of Salvation

I thank you, Lord, for the cheerful assurance

this verse provides---refreshment and endurance

that helps my soul, when troubled by the snags

of doubt that like to tally all my flaws;

and my imperfect works are filthy rags;

and even one's smooth best is still too rough.

I need not wonder if I made enough

praises and prayers and, for my sins, repentence;

enough that will avoid damnation's sentence.

What I could not accomplish thoroughly,

or even in the smallest part of least,

Jesus died on the cross to give to me

promise of life in His eternity,

mine just for, and proven by, real believing,

and I am glad to do all the receiving

from Him---despite old Satan's tossed deceiving:

my soul has neither factual, nor fake, cause

for sour self-righteousness, or sackclothed grieving.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

As a Christian, I am glad for Christ's assurance of Salvation, so abundantly provided in Scripture, and in my own spiritual experience.  As a poet (most minor on the internet; got that!) I love the subtle movement of sound in the words that end with "-eiving" or "-ieving."

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