Course, 101, History Of The Soviet Union; 4---Lenin's Last Words Should Have Been

Early I vowed that with my every breath,
I would seek vengeance for my brother's death:
this motive I concealed from light's least sparks

within a ruse---the theories of Karl Marx.
The People?  What did I care for their need?
My interest was only in boundless terror,

imposed upon them---in word, though, and deed,

that they should suffer for the old czar's error.
But as I die, one truth I cannot tell
to those who are now watching me expire:
I fell, beneath me, the wide mouth of Hell
expand; and, from it, the relentless fire
leaps at me (there, my torment will not stall
nor cease).  The Scriptures are true . . . after all.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

The eighth line refers to Czar Alexander II.

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