Course, 101, History Of The Soviet Union; 3---No Thaw In Leningrad

Leningrad:  Joseph Brodsky's poetry
was deemed a tripe of cheap pornography;

ah, that good Communist policy---
suppressive of all with which it did not agree.
But, long afterward, those Bolsheviks, when

confronted, admitted they were ignorant men;

unqualified by any means to judge,
and only carrying out an ordered grudge---
some bumbling bureaucrat's bent jealousy.

More than mere metaphor, their verbal bile---
stinking and stale---was spread thick, by the gallon,
to protect that which threatened the Workers' Paradise---
truth that exposed its instituted lies.

Nearby, statues of the damned continued to smile,

smugly in cold, carved stone:  Lenin and Stalin.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Lest the delicate reader take offense, the third line is sarcastic . . . eh . . . Comrade?

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