Some Nice Night While "Stargazing"

He claims as much right to declare here what he thinks
as long as a star shines forth, and a monkey stinks.


"Looking skyward just brings more aggravation---
"like when my soul endures hard constipation.

"When I look skyward toward a consternation
"(I do that just a little before midnight;

"hard to stay up for all that winking starlight.)

"But here is my complaint in aggravation---
"why does star-naming, or astronomy,
"insist on naming every constellation
"from some component of mythology.
"I ask . . . why is that, and what is the need?

"And, if a need, I think it rather sad.
"I offer, as explicative example
"and, be assured, it is a single sample.
"It is unfair (and what could be unfairer
"than forcing this upon us, yes indeedl

"prepare yourself---this sad fact often shocks):
"they call a constellation, Water Bearer,

"in homage to that fem boy, Ganymede.
"Up with that, why am I compelled to put?

"That scamp rises there, probably barefoot;

"or maybe more provocatively clad

"only in thigh length, rainbow-stripey socks!"


Our loquitor has found his favored glee-spot---
as he expounds this tempest in a teapot.



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