Couple, Reviewed

Look at them, the shameless pair of gropers,

kissing with wild abandon in front of

the small grotto in stone that nature has carved;

shielded on three sides by thick trees and tall vines

(keeping all but the most determinedly inquisitive

from disturbing with malice aforethought),

and on its south side a slightly sloped bank

leads a few steps down to the most minor

branch of Splashing Creek.  And they continue on,

without the least concern for propriety.

Clad in tie-died tee shirts and cargo pants

(with those now unfashionable bell bottoms),

they abandoned their shoes quite a way back

(that is how I knew to find them here),

and then, arriving, took off their soil-grimed socks.

Look at that!  Look at how their tongues touch

and then flutter before their lips lock again.

By the local standards of decency,

his hair with all those girlish ringlets or curls,

is far too long and needs a barber's skill.

That fragrance?---they have a small incense burner,

a kind of miniature thurible (ha!,

you did not suspect I should know such words),

smoking from one of several shelves within

the grotto; small, natural formations.

The incense is said to be an ancient,

ecclesiatical blend that once scented

the Christians' catacombs beneath old Rome.

The Poet?---he is out of town right now.

I have kept his house, and an eye on his

property for a couple of decades.

He ordered me to give these two gropers

unimpeded access to the grotto,

but I have not been told that surveillance

is restricted.  Yes, I will concede that

they are both beautiful, but does that excuse

their shameless behavior, and the allure

with which she has led him to kiss her toes,

soles and high arches with the same ardor

he had for her lips just moments ago?

Is her lips and throat insufficent for

his desires, but now he now he needs to seek her feet?

I do not know for sure what his name is;

but she is called Fawn, so I have been told.

They must be drama majors:  the poet

has chosen them both for leading roles

in his next play, which will have its world premiere

at the college theater.  No I have

not read it---something about some English king

and his beloved Lady; that sort of play.

I have to wonder what the Poet was thinking

when he chose those two gropers for his cast.



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Cascade's picture

I have read them all

I have read them all now...

You have written with great skill, Starward. Putting a poetic elegance and picturesque detail into a narrative of scandalous controversy, (assuming it has taken place many years ago and not within today's "open" way of thinking), unl as, and I assume you are, "old school", as they put it. I found it very interesting...the story itself and the reason you may have chosen to write such a work. It is very well done, sir!

Starward's picture

Thank you for that

Thank you for that validation, which I take as both a great compliment and a great encouragement to finish the Splashing Creek series. (This poem is kind of a side sequel; the Splashing Creek series is about their first encounter, while trying to channel their characters, Richard III and his Queen, Anne Neville---the parts they will perform in a radically revisionist play.)  I believe this series has been brewing in my mind for years, especially the revision of the historical estimate of Richard III.)  Thanks again for the tremendous encouragement of your compliment.


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