But a Dream

I lay here upon this bed so cold

Dreaming of my only comfort

Wishing he were here to hold

I see his hand brushing my cheek

So soft and gentle on my skin

The need it hurts, makes me weak

To see him now would be such bliss

Longing to see him, to feel him

To have the warmth of just one kiss

To feel his body close to mine

The desire burns deep inside

I need, I want, I long, I pine

To feel his hands grip my hips

His eyes to stare deep within

The warmth of his skin on my lips

Sweat dripping down on to his face

The smell of passion growing strong

Heartbeats racing pace by pace

Pressed up to me his body I feel

This overwhelming pleasure

Everything I picture it’s all so real

These thoughts too real they seem

So life like are these visions I see

Alas, they are only but a dream

Author's Notes/Comments: 

So real a dream can feel, especially when you want something so bad it hurts. This is a little bit jumbled, but it's based on truth, rather than fiction. Sometimes dreams can be so powerful that they seem more real then reality itself. I miss you my baby!

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