My heart bleeds, yearning for pain

Burning, oh burning eyes, wondering gaze

Screaming, thrashing, the flesh pulls away

Oh crimson rivers, flowing over my cheeks

My hands oh they tremble, they tremble

Blood soaked, quivering under view

Howling darkness blanketing my sight

Oh the pain it engulfs me mind and body

My soul hisses unsatisfied with simple pain

Raging, oh raging soul, how might I please you?

Shrieking, piercing deafening sounds, silence

Oh so quiet, everything so very quiet

My heart scabs, healing after the agony

Relief, oh desired relief once again paid

Breathing, inhaling, the air escapes my lungs.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just recently finished  reading so poems  by Silvia Plath, so i tried to reproduce some of  her dismal writing styles, in my own words. however I feel I have fallen short by comparison. My poem is as well all but happy for the most part but my failure to duplicate remains. I think I'll stick with my own writing style, I'll keep doin my thang! :P

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BARNARD FIFE's picture

great job!! extremely vivid writing, and it's great to challenge ourselves time and again. I need to do more of that.