A Women Who Loved a Boy

Remove your palm from my leg,

It belongs there no more

Take back all your words,

I have no need for them any longer

Retrieve your embrace from my lips,

Your kiss is boring and tastes bitter

Stop gazing at my body further,

It's becoming repetitive and routine

Sop up yesterdays tears quickly,

Return them, you don't deserve them

Give back my torn emotions please,

You don't deserve that weakening satisfaction

But please don't give back the time shared,

For I now know who you really are

Don't forget I once loved you deeply,

Headlines read: The women who loved a boy.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ok I started this a little while ago and just finished it recently. It's about a women ie: me, who thought she fell in love with a man who seemed all in one perfect. She then finds out that this "man" really isn't a man at all... he is still a little boy inside. It's almost sad that you can see one side of a person and then later find out that they really haven't grown up at all. Yet no matter how old they really are, they are still so damn childish. Isn't that right hun? maybe that was your problem? hmm... it's too bad you lost out.

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LaRae Lohstroh's picture

So true, I fell into that trap a few times. It hurts. WEll written.


running_with_rabbits's picture

wow this poem is seeping with anger and pain
it hurts to read it
I love it, I think it is perfectly worded
the poor "boy" must have been crushed by these words

keep up the good work
much love

Much Love


Sherry Knee's picture

God, that boy needs to grow up. He didnt know what he lost. seriously. You went through so much pain and it seemed like he didnt even care. He is a "boy" and will probably remain that way.
Your poem was really good Robin. It must be good cause Shi-Eun NEVER critiques peoms, so it must be good. hehe. but yeah, good poem girly, I know u well find someone WAY better the Pat. Geez, anyone is better for u then him. ;)
love a friend,

Shi-Eun Kim's picture

Good poem! I think that we don't ever really grow up. Even 30, 50, 75 year olds need guidance.

especialy people at this age - as in 19th/20th. they think they've all grown up. yelling things like "Im not a kid anymore!" but i think we are still little kids with ALOT to learn.

hmmmm i wonder if that has anything t odo with the poem?!
meh well it got me thiking in that respect.

great poem!

Anger Managment's picture

Know how ya feel
Miss your writings, you need to keep it up :)