The Road of Loneliness

The sky is dark in my mind

No street lights to light my path

No sight at all to see ahead

I feel my way through this dark tunnel

Searching for the light at the end

But the light stays well hidden

And once again I am left alone

Fending for myself with no hope

My eyes are hurting from the strain

My body is weak and trembling

I don't know how far I am to go

Wondering in this blinding darkness

A bitter lonely taste left in my mouth

Left from the last kiss that embraced me

Leaving me forever hooked on a lie

A lie of happiness and broken promises

This is why I wonder this road

This abandoned road to loneliness

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Left over feelings after the break up. I still feel the pain. The road seems dark and lonely right now.

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kat's picture

It must be the titles...keeps drawing me to poems that seem to reflect the
same thoughts/feelings I have had. I like this poem. It's a bit 'darker', but I
suppose that's the place you were in at the time. Fortunately, there is a light
at the end of the tunnel. Just keep waking forward and keep on writing.