Sunset Victory

A hot summer breeze

Caressing my velvet skin

As I lay mesmerized

Addicted to the sunlight.

The warm sand teases my body

My mood ameliorated

Only to vanish with in moments

Falling flat of triumph.

They laugh and smile together

Sailing through the sand

Playfully shoving one another

The smell of love suffocates me.

I am walking a similar path

Jagged Rocks, holes and steep cliffs

Have passed and are more to come

I see the rocky road a head.

My mind set to muse:

What will come of our misfortunes?

Of our unfortunate search and rescues

Rebuilding bricks of trust that fell.

Momentarily drowning in a sea of doubt

Reborn on a beach of hope and truth

Embedded on my heart like stars in the night

A sunset of reds and pinks foreshadow victory.

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Sherry Knee's picture

hey robin! this poem is really good. I already know that I told u that I liked it but I'm gonna post it up here. yeh, the poem is really good. It has alot of imagary. When I read it I can picture the images in my head. Good work girl. Keep it up! :)
love a friend,