Somethings Never Change

I never though it came the day

To be without the words to say

All my feelings deep inside

My emotions now become my guide

Everyone told me but I turned my ear

Even knowing I neglected to hear

But you keep saying again and again

You there with me until the end

There are days I can't believe

Your love, your words, they do deceive

Love takes time, that time you wont give

I can't do this, the way you want me to live

You don't understand my love runs deep

But you walk me along the edge so steep

My heart is willing my mind is too

Each and every time, I always forgive you

I just don't know if I can do it anymore

I really don't know what I'm doing it for

The way you treat me just isn't fair

And for what? All I ever did was care.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I always like to give people the benefit of the doubt, especially the ones I love, but sometimes it safer just to say that somethings will never change no matter how much it hurt. And  right now... It really fucking hurts :*(

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Sherry Knee's picture

yeh, it doesnt hurt. but girl, u dont deserve this bullshit. Just do what u have to do and see how that turns out. Whether it be good, or bad just remember u have friends who will always be there. No matter what! Be strong and try to smile or laugh. Just try. :)

Juan Vasquez's picture

i know what you are talking about.i've gone trough that pretty reasent. hey. i know you dont know me , dont even know my name.i am just a admierer of your poems. i love them all, or the once i have read so far.
sometimes, we must believe that things can happend that can change all we see. take off less off of hopeless , and try to see the world with childrens eyes. so innocent. lol, sorry i know i am going on and on but i am sorry, i love to help and i love your poems.