A Beginning to an End

You got me feeling something

Something I swore off long ago

Deep in the pit of my stomach

Filthy, filthy thoughts I’ve got

It’s burning up, gritting my teeth

It’s so hard to fight this urge

The feelings I can’t stop them

They take over with just one look

It’s like you take over my mind

Those arms…Oh so damn strong

Eyes so penetrating and so deep

Got me feeling these feelings

Got me wanting so damn much

Having me scared out of my mind

Contradicting hope is the fear

Could this be a beginning to an end?

So much faith torn away by the past

Leaving me to second guess

Questioning your motives good or bad

God I wish you could understand me

That I try so hard to believe in it all

I want to believe, I really do I swear

I just need to be shown there’s a point

Can I open up and not have to worry?

Not end up holding back the tears?

Tell me is this a beginning to an end?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Boy..what you do to me... funny.. I promised myself never again. Is it crazy to believe this time could be different?

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Tek CTX's picture

Robin, once again you've posted yet another marvelous poem; your words are crafted excellently, capturing the true feeling and emotion behind them. Yet another poem as beautiful as its author.

Keep up the incredible work!