Time seems to fly,

With everyday passing by

In a blur, unclear and new

Repeated thoughts of missing you

I miss the stories you use to tell

Our jokes about going to hell

Adventures of park benches and trains

You truly are a guy with brains

You are amazing, an awesome friend

No matter what, I can always depend

You are an angel in combat boots

Complete with combat suits!

And though I miss you so very much

I'll remember your tales of strippers and such

Always vivid in my memory

Always there to bring a smile to me

Where ever you go, whatever you do

Just know one thing.. I really miss you!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To a great friend, one of the best,who's gone away to RMC. I miss you tons tyler!! Love you and always thinking of you! XO

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Anger Managment's picture

Hey crazy, I love the poem
And Im sorry

Reco Humphrey's picture

great,sweet and well written I loved it.