Once Again

I wish things were simple,

Like they use to be

But no matter how I try,

I can't see clearly

There's so much pain in me,

That I hide

And knowingly with out a doubt,

I have tried, oh I have tried

To rid my mind,

Of the pain embedded in my soul

Too deep to forget,

Undoubtedly I have paid my toll

And once again you try to understand,

But you fall flat like the rest

Not even coming close,

Within a mile at best

And I stand here waiting,

For your lies and betrayal

And still you question,

Why is it that you fail.

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Tek CTX's picture

Once again, I'm stunned at the subtle complexities of the emotions you've expressed. I've tried to express similar emotions in writing but its always difficult for me and things get bottled up. But you know a pain similar to some of us. Again, excellent work.