I cannot think my mind is messed

Never thought I could be so depressed

I don't know how to feel

And no matter what nothing seems real

Too much pain I have inside

My thoughts are of those who have died

The past few days have been pure hell

Friends and family wishing me well

But nothing seems to help me out

So confused, left in doubt

That time  will heal my aching heart

Slowly and painfully ripping apart

The sun still shines the sky is still blue

And I'm left only with thoughts of you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

They say life gets better after the pain, but I'm finding it hard believing that. Nothing seems to be getting better at all. Life is so unfair and theres not a damn thing I can do about it. RIP Nanny E. June 30/july 1st 2002, RIP Uncle Kevin July 2nd 2002.

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poetvg's picture

i have been thru
pain like and it hurts .

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Hard as it is.... youre a trooper... I have faith in you... Never forget that we love ya... and as impossible as it seems... It gets better. :O) Good work. Kudos chickie. Luvs ya! jenn