Take my Breathe

Lifes a bitch

so they say

I found this out

The harder way

Lost so much

I loved so stong

In return got nothing

But pain

And heartache

Enought to last

A life time

Brutally beaten

Without a single touch

Bound and broken

Without a rope

Crying so hard

Until my tears

Bleed blood

Gasping so much

Until my Lungs

Breathe dust

Scream so loud

Until my cries

Can't be heard

Take your pain

Take you last breath

So you can breathe

And live on

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If I could break in to a million pieces, if I could die to feel you breathe~ I would. Perfectly qouted by a Seven Dust Song "X=mass Day".

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someone's picture

"Life is waiting for you
Its all messed up but we're still live"

Kitty's picture

the words escape your soul into your writing
Another great poem Robin, keep strong
We're all with you

Jen Walker's picture

Smile chickie