Summer Pain

Summer brings..

Usually beautiful summer things

But now a nagging pain

Haunts me once again

Deafening screams, blinding light

She'll pull though mum says she might

But her chances are looking grim

Like the chances of a cup filled to it's brim

Hanging on to a glipms of hope

But time is fraying away at the rope

Hour by hour she will not wake

For this deep sleep she unwillingly chose to take

The tears trickle down from my eye

I can't hold back this urge to cry

The rain sounds quietly on the ground

My heart screams in pain but makes no sound

Be strong mum says and this I'll try

But I can't shake the pain of another goodbye.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My nan is in the hospital, she had 2 Aneurysms. It's not looking to good. :*(

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Reco Humphrey's picture

I loved the poem
it truly expresses your pain
keep up the great work and may god bless you

Kitty's picture

You capture the emotion
I know its hard, everyones here for you
*smile thru the tears*

Jen Walker's picture

Lifes a bitch...I hear ya hun... ugh.
Good poem.... She'd be proud... smile 4 me hun. love jenn

eric's picture

hi hun.... im sorry to hear the bad news, i know exactly what your going through and its surely no summer fun. my grand-father had numerous strokes 3 summers ago and the pain was unbearable. if this person is your mom's mother, then i know it must be harder on her, since its her own mother...i give my sympathy for you both and david, and dont let go of that rope just yet, there's always lengthly amounts of time left so dont you worry about a thing! hang on hun, im with you on this one.... XOXO