Rose petals float through the air

Carries with in, deep despair

All at once tears fall free

Complete and utter misery

Sit tight precious the pain will end

Death the new, horrible trend

Eyes wide shut, a bitter gaze

Anger, frustration set a blaze

Understand not what is seen

See only what could have been

A wish that never will come true

To give back the pain, and bring back you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Seems like every where I look ppl are dying, it's really sad when song lyrics make you cry. ~Missing you always~  

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Hidden Illusion's picture

Hey there,

Well, this is a very sad poem. I like your style of writing. I just wish I could write like that. ANywayz, great job with the poem...good flow...wonderful rhyme...keep it up =)

~ Hidden Illusion ~

Sherry Knee's picture

yeah, its so hard to know that thej people u love end up dying so soon. RIP Elie and Claude!

Marina Olevsky's picture

i luv this one so much, awesome job... i know the feeling of this poem - when peope leave our lives it really can feel as though only misery exists. times like these im really grateful to poetry for being such an escape. keep on writing.