Please Don't Tell Me...

Please don't tell me you care

And that from now on you'll be there

Stop telling me your sorry cause I don't believe you

No matter how many times you say it,it will never be true

Please don't tell me you love me

I'm not blind I can finally see

Don't tell me you've changed

My life finanlly rearranged

Please don't tell me that you miss me

I've let go, I know our relationship cant be

Please don't tell me anything

Only pain and tears are what you bring

Stop calling, stop writing

I sick of the fighting

So please stop telling me...

Stop telling me....

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Cat Deale's picture

ok, Robin, if this is who I THINK it is, we need to talk, cuz..well, we need to talk
someone by the name of PH?
email me on this one
good job thou :)

Reco Humphrey's picture

whew that was great I definitly know the feeling keep up the great writing.