Fading Glow

           Step by step pace by pace

           I can't take anymore of this place

           So much pain I have inside

           Nowhere to run nowhere to hide

           I can't keep up, being left behind

           Lost in a place no one can find

           Searching this world with all its false hopes

           Becoming frayed like aging ropes

           Dwindling away my spirits were high

           Nothing left to do, just fade away and die

           Like a candle flame blown out dark

           In it's contrast sharply stark

           As the twilight sinks below

           The shine in my eyes a fading glow.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm just finishing this one up now.. started it a while ago..so I guess theres mixed feelings here.

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Melissa Stroh's picture

Great imagery, I an relate to it very much, great job.

arecreed's picture

i really like this one it has a lot of feeling's in it
it really takes a lot to write like this awsome job!!!