Comfort Zone

Sitting on a rock

Only now do my emotions talk

To the waves that crash in

Only now does my story begin

To tell my life with silent words

Whispering a life-time only the waves have heard

Swept away forget heath

Only here can I seem to find myself

Left alone here at my will

The world around seemingly standing still

What I ponder to others unknown

Left at peace in my comfort zone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A place in NFLD where I feel at peace with myself and everything around me. Where I can think about everything I know about life and everyone in it. In this place I am free, sitting for hours watching the waves crash up on the rocks on the shore, it's here I find my comfort zone.

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Reco Humphrey's picture

very well written piece. I 'm still looking for my comfort zone I damn sure know it's not in this skin.

Cat Deale's picture

I feel the same place about the ocean, I love Peggys cove
I guess we're true NSians
its just so relaxing..the waves..take away the fears and the pain
They seem to understand

Sherry Knee's picture

its always good to have a place where u feel comfort and happiness. You'll be back there soon! :)

ugonna's picture

In every clear sense and
real emotion of the human
spirit, Robin always explores,
in moving imagery and uplifting
conciousness, the depths of our
human feelings in humaneness.

I see this psychological reality
explicated in a simplicity uniquely
Robin's, here, within the lines
of "Comfort Zone".

In the end she leaves humanity
with something real and meaningful
in terms of the way humankind is
and most times wishes to embody:

"What I ponder to others unknown
Left at peace in my comfort zone"

Then, may humanity see and feel
with these searching eyes of an
inspiring young lady and poet of
the psychological!