If I could Turn Back Time

If I could turn back time

I'd make it so you never got in the van

So you couldnt find the keys.

If I could turn back time

You'd still be alive

I'd still be able to see you another time

If I could turn back time

Then I wouldn't be crying

Because your gone


And forever

If only

I could turn back time

but I can't

I can't turn back time

And give you air

I can't make the hands move,

Back across the clock

But I can see your face

Still vivid in my mind.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I can't turn back the hands of time to tell you how much your friendship and advice meant to me. I made that mistake, by not telling you, you were a great friend enough. So ALWAYS tell people how you feel, never stay angry, because life is so short. I want everyone to know I love you if tomorrow never comes. RIP Claud & Elie Feb 9th 2002.

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Hey hunny, I know... I know.. I feel ya. Its hard to deal with. But Im glad it makes us realise how important life really is... and to cherish it.. :O) Luvs Ya BFFL. jenn