Another Stolen Soul

Yet again I'm mourning friends

From above the angel of death god did send

Graduation isn't looking so bright

They didn't even have the chance to fight--

For their lives that tragically ceased

They should have had the chance atleast

We talked just the other day

I was excited to know he would be coming my way

A friend I had seen so long ago

How much more can our hearts bestow

Already gone I can't say goodbye

Everything seems to make me cry

The truth is set but it feels unreal

2 more souls heaven did steal

The world, this life has taken it's toll

Another day and another stolen soul.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

RIP Claud & Elie Saade Feb 9th 2002. I miss you guys so much already. I can't believe this is happening. :*(

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Hidden Illusion's picture

Hey there,

Seems like a lot of people close to you has died...I'm so sorry. I can't say that I know how it feels like cuz it never happened to me (and I hope it never will) but I think you're a really strong girl..I can tell just by reading your poems...after all the people that died, I can still see some poems full of that's something I know I can't do! Just keep it up girl! Great job with the poem =)

~ Hidden Illusion ~

arecreed's picture

this one made me cry i just lost my dad 2 week's back i know how you feel not wanting to see that its real i write to make me feel better but nothing can make the pain of loseing someone go but poems like your's help a lot so thank you. keep it up your very good!!!

Sherry Knee's picture

hey robin,
I feel ya. I still cant believe they are gone. they were the nicest guys in sheet harbour and they didnt desrve to die.
RIP Elie and Claude

Jenn's picture

hey, i usually dont do the whole critiqu thing, but basically this is everything im feelin, we didnt talk as much as u guys, but its still hard to believe they r gone, but we will get through it all toghether....

Cat Deale's picture

*honk* *sob* I know Robin...I dont know what to say, no onw does
Im just glad I still have all you guys
peace and luv