Frustrated/You Don't know

Keep telling me the same shit

You never know the answers

To any of my questions

Your supposed to be a professional

Yet you don't tell me a thing

Like what the fuck is wrong with me

I'm so frustrated

Blood sucking vampires

Is what I've come to see you as

You don't want to help

You just keep telling me you don't know

I'm so frustrated

It makes me mad

six months then twelve?

How much longer?

It doesn't even matter

You just keep telling me

The same fucking thing

The same bullshit


I'm so frustrated

How am I supposed to react?

Want me to live as if everything is fine?

Maybe it is..

But then again

You wont tell me a damn thing

I'm so frustrated

I want to know the answers

I don't want to hear

We don't know

Not anymore

I'm sick of this

I'm so fucking frustrated

Your supposed to be a god damn professional

I'm so frustrated.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I want to run away never say goodbye, I want to know the truth instead of wondering why. Or in this case what the fuck is wrong with me? Funny how the people who are supposed to be here to help you  seem to add to the problem and frustration.

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Cat Deale's picture

Why cant a doctor cure the sick
Im just so sick of it
If you really think you know all
Then tell us the truth and say your call
*fucken Quacks*

Sherry Knee's picture

I like ur poem robin. Its quite powerful. I really would like to know what doctors do in medical school cuz i dont think its to learn. They seem like they are so dumb! like they have no clue in the world...
but anyhoo, you'll be fine schmidtty! Just keep your head up high! and smile!
love a friend,

Reco Humphrey's picture

I heard thst sister girl. Sometimes I wish I could run away from myself. It seems like the only true help comes from within ones self. Until I start telling myself what others were saying it meant/means nothing. But i think life is like a big school and we have to learn on a daily basis before we can grow as a person.The same way that I wasin school seems to be the same way I am in life young and dumb, mr. smarty pant nobody can't tell me nothing. I also think that humbling ourselves and truly listening is the only time true growth happens I'm working on that part. as you can see I loved the poem and thanks for reading mine