It's been a few days and I've had time to heal

Even now nothing seems real

My head is pounding

The pain astounding

Having a hard time believing it's so

That it was their time to go

God is suppose to take away pain

Instead he's going against the grain

By giving it by the tun

Giving us rain instead of sun

Life goes on to those around

But for me continuous tear drops on the ground

So much death and so much pain

With so much pain in my heart what's there to gain?

Nothing now will be the same

Searching for answers to take the blame.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm so angry, just a faze I guess but I'm so mad at the world.. at god for taking them away from me and all the people that cared about him. Their time to go? Bullshit it was they were so young.

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Someday Soon's picture

With the eternal circle of life... death comes life... life comes love.... Love comes understanding... I feel ya hun....but everyone has a day... even us. :O/ so now we learn to make the best of whatwe have now... I love the poem. Keep up the good work. Luvs ya BFFL jenn

Sherry Knee's picture

I feel the same like u robin. and the pain still hurts everyday. But I agree with Cat, time heals all wounds.
Hope u feel better soon!

Cat Deale's picture

I know Schmidty, Im still sad too, though I dont show it, inside it still hurts and its not going to go away over night
But we have to realize this, life does go on, it did beofre and it wil again
Ive seen it happen, I know what its like, tho I cant believe it
But know they are always watching us
And smile when you think of the good times you had
Shed a tear or two, just dont let it take you over
You know theyd want it that way