What I THOUGHT I Wanted

I thought I needed "it"

That I couldn't live with out, not even for a bit

The need, the want, the thought so pure

But now that I have "it" I'm not so sure

Dust of disapointment swept off the floor

But the feelings I felt I don't feel them anymore

I know the words will cause pain, this I fear

But I know it's the words "it" needs to hear

I'll think about "it" make sure I'm right

For "it" to hate me, I think that "it" might

I didn't think it would ever be like this

And now I'm left with just one wish

The wish, not to be haunted

By what I THOUGHT I wanted.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

something at first can seem so right and you thing that you would do anything just to have it, but once you get it, you realize that it was something you wanted, not something you needed but just that, a special thought. Painful? in most cases definitely. Unexpected? to some. Feelings of guilt? to anyone who has a loving heart it is almost always guaranteed.  

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Cat Deale's picture

I can relate :*) Im feeling better, I hope you do too! Dont forget that Ill be here for you Schmidty!! love, Kitty Cat ~^^~