Left in the Dirt

We agreed to be friends

But what went wrong?

I talk to you

But you never answer


You said we'd be friends forever

Has forever come already?

I think it's come and gone

I think I know now where I stand

In your eyes that seem so cold

So fill me in, what's going on?

You disappeared just like that

With no goodbye

No words

No nothing

How the hell am I suppose to understand?

If you don't tell me?

Is it a punishment for hurting you?

I said I was sorry what more do you want?

To give me the pain that you felt?

I never wanted that

How many time do I have to say it?

I'm sorry!

There I said it again!


You've obviously moved on

And let everything go

I'm trying to do the same

But It's so hard

You left me standing in the dirt

With no answers

No life

No air.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Maybe I Just can't take a hint, if you dont want to be my friend then tell me I'm sick of wondering why, sick of being with out the answers, Fill me in because I'm really getting sick of all this shit!

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Cat Deale's picture

Robin...maybe hes still hurting somewhat and its hard for him to talk to you, you know I feel the same way about *nameless* ppl
but then again he could b a shithead, you know those SH sluts...
*the pain will go away, trust me*