Shattered Mind

Sit alone it's time to think

What will happen?

Will I float or sink?

Make the right moves?

Or be played as a pawn?

What's there to do, what's there to lose?

Vivid words in my mind

Confused and hurt

The answers I can't find

Eyes clenched tight

I want to cry

But the tears I'll fight

My mind a broken glass on the floor

Crimson trickles down my head

The pieces I can't make them fit anymore

Drip it drips into the sink

Healed wound bleeds, it's time to think.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

One of them days you just can't see things straight everything seems to go wrong.

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Cat Deale's picture

I know those days Seems I have too many to rememebr what 'happy' means anymore :*( ~^^~