Thanks to all

Ok I wanted to say thank you to everyone that has helped me out

All my friends who have been there through thick and thin

To everyone who has ever made me  write a poem, to my grade 6 teacher

who introduced the whole concept to me. To a few people on post poems

Reco Humphrey,Deceptive Wayz,Someday soon, Cat Deale, Darren James

You all are just a few of the people that I give my thanks too!

With out you guys my assperations to write would not be here.

You all have given me such a wonderful insight that I had never

really took the time to understand before. All of your positive

and negative advice you have given to me means alot. Usually I try

to write to everyone who critiques my poems letting them know

it's importance to me, but i have come to find it's very hard, between school,

family and personal time it's very hard. Thank you for everything, it will continue

to make a difference to my writing and my thoughts. Thanks.

Much love and peace.


~Robin Schmidt~

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is not a poem, read it any ways who knows you might be in it.

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OHHH I GOT PROPS...I FEEL PRIVALAGED!WOO HOO! hahaha thanx a know that you are my mofo!!! lol. Keep tellin it like it is...:O) Luv ya lots jENN AKA the infamous Someday_soon