Nine Months

Picture perfect in a frame

Look twice, each time never looks the same

Squint eyes tight

The smile, sunlit bright

Never showing signs of the fight

Hiding it in your mind

Friends dig deep but can't find--

The answers to your arguments, constant fights with time

Your opinions, never worth a dime

Always punishment for the crime

Digging a hole you'll never escape

Never seeing all, ignoring the size and shape--

The initial shock you took so well

Smile grew dim, belly starts to swell

Screwed over sideways, no story to tell

Look around, all alone

Backstabbers, give such tone

Picture perfect in a frame

Nine months later the baby came.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes things come unexpectidly, and things change.  Thanks for the help Pat xo. So many people I know are having babies,babies, having babies, seems unreal.

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pkpbc1950's picture

A VERY POWERFUL poem!!!! "Babies having babies"....that says it all! Robin, you certainly have a gift at expressing your thoughts and emotions. Keep writing, I enjoy reading your work.

Reco Humphrey's picture

great imagery I can almost see this poem in my head. keep up the great work

Cat Deale's picture

It seems like everywhere you look these days another teenage is pregnant. Theres so much pressure, and in the end, usually the dickhead who said hed be ther forever is gone, now its just you and his sperm for nine months dont let the pressure get to ya! : ) ~^^~