See the truth

Pretty lil princess

In a pretty pink dress

Head filled with dreams

But to you nothings what it seems

You live the life you want

Block out the memories that seem to taunt

Your living the unreal

You don't know how to feel

Step in to reality

Out of simplisity

For lifes not as simple as you think

Your life could be gone in just one blink.

Take a walk in my shoes, look through my eyes

See the world as is slowly dies.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have no idea why I wrote this I was bored in free block, so I wrote a poem... hope ya like it...lata

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Cat Deale's picture

haha, yup, I like it Robin : ) Thats why frees are good, you can write and you write good! haha, l8a peace ~^^~