logos on parked cars and other love misadventures.


Oh, I had just caught a hint of you in the remnants of my broken memory thumped into me by the shape of your sign on the side of a parked car as I honed my body back to its natural and strong shape. the ritual you started.it  all came flooding back into me by the passing of the breeze over the cliffs above the place you said the words. Though I vowed to slice you away from everything, I knew our eyes locking will always be inevitable. This wasnt it. But it all came flooding back. That hunger, the need, the desire, the look of love and higher places you saw through my eyes. And how we wanted to go there. do you remember that time? it was so close only we were years too late. and Like a fool i began running. running to or from, I wasnt sure but i left and came back purely on a hope, a winged prayer only to send me back to hell and I wasnt afraid to go there. it was your sign, but it wasnt you. it was all i needed to waken my desperate wish to connect with you. Just to stay in the same place and breathe the same air. to find peace in your energy there. I was opened up like never before and forgiveness rang so loud in my ears, it was the one moment where it all could have come undone in me and be the one thing we craved; and you werent even there.

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