drawing crazy circles of ink that look alot like offal rendered from a chest cavity such as my own.


tracing myself in circles like the curve of my fingertip on skin

i have no real sense of what is right or wrong.

I have only the memory of your desperate hands on my body

the sweet look in your eyes wanting so much to claim mine

the reaching of our souls as they touched like hands held contently

where the chasm now lays as time slowly brings us to the brink again

the hard love lessons are burned into my being

I can not escape them

or you.

the senses cool only to light again in your warmth

I wish I could reach you from here but all I can do is blow you a kiss

with my hearts blessing while my mind isnt looking

and hope that you understand the way I feel,

and that one day it will all become real

where I wont fight the madness

i wont walk away from your call

i wont pretend im heartless

and I will stand ready and wanting

to take it all.

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thank you, this was a lovely

thank you, this was a lovely read.

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;) THANKS. GREAT TO SEE YOU ON! im just so busy I barely have time to write or post! but of course soon I will have a week off and i fully intend to emerse myself in it all!!! I cant wait!!

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