when it comes to you, Im weak.

Soul mates

My resolve
My resistance
My vows

My emotion
Your desire
The attraction


By your ambience
your firmness
your attentions

In your eyes
Your presence
your atmosphere

In your devotions
your definitions
your laughter

My want
Your need
Our higher love

My animal instincts
Your touch
Our desire

I must fight it
Exploit me
I am weak for you
Enter me any way you want.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hey master! short and neat ;b (I know it still needs work) HugSS grasshopper ;)

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Jeez! This is incredible!

Jeez! This is incredible! Excellent! You have mastered distilling your thoughts and words into pure poetry! And I think it's perfect as is ;-) This simply flowed through me, heart and soul - the intimacy, the passion, the beauty of it's simplicity gives it earnestness and sincerity. I love it! One of your best EVER!

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Wow!? Really? Hugss! :D

Wow!? Really? Hugss! :D

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