Cant Say

Soul mates

If the wordss came easily,
it would all go so ssmoothly.
But they hung there.
Either floating in the air,
drifting out of reach
or caught in my throat
clinging to my cheeks
frozen my lips rebel
I have to tell you go
and hear you say it isnt so
stoic and cold,
I must hold my stance
and forget sweet loving moonlight dances
Cant forget the second I met you
The second I loved you
the second I knew,
you were with me forever.
I dont want to say it but I must
because you must move on and
I must stay here I made my place
and invested alot so I'm staying here.
To hold you close is selfish and cruel
both for me and for you.
I will harden my resolve
and tell you where to go
but i dont want you to know
that it tears my mind away from my
heart and my soul,
a numb way of being and
part of me shall surely die.
whilst others will live
I can not speak
the words to keep you near
I dont want to speak
the words to bid you leave
theres no more chasing shadows
and laughing at the moon
no common understanding
in a simple look,
there is no more heartflutters
when you enter the room,
I banish them all with the pain of knowing
This is what I must do.
no more almost loving you
there is only this,
the words I do not ever want to say.

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