Just a Throat Slice Away

ever get the feeling that the life youre in isnt the one youre supposed to be in?
the life you were destined to forfil gone terribly begging for some semblance of glory?
ever felt that disconnected feeling like youre walking past people in a bad slowmotion clip?
the people you grew up with feel like strangers with quick polite pleasantries and no substance?
Now, ask your self what part did you play in this debauchery,
you simply fooled yourself.
you came
you saw
you didnt like
you bowed out.
how about we start accepting the choices that brought us here and just think for a minute.
who came in crusing and promised an easy way along and we took it. we were lazy or scared
or what ever excuse. now if a victim of violence can come back from hell and smile at the new day why the hell cant we just wake up and make a small change? I want to tell you a story about a man. theres nothing seemigly remarkable about him that stands out except perhaps his scar. I asked him why he was able to deal with so much tradgedy and terrible situations? how do you manage to bounce back time and time again. Well I am a burmese refugee and I worked hard to learn english and saved money to study to become a psychiatrist and councilor. Before I came to this beautiful land of opportunity I was walking along a road with my daily harvest to sell when I was ambushed by some guerillas. they kicked and punched me till i bled from my mouth they took everything my clothes everything and before they left the picked me up and and held my head back and exposed my neck I felt a sharp sting as the knife slit into my throat. they cut me from ear to ear and left me there to suffer and I watching my blood seeping from my body watched them drive away they did not even have the decency to end my life just watched for a minute as i was gasping for my breath. Luckily the lord was with me that day as a christian doctor was hiding in the bushes and had seen the whole thing and ran out to the road and saved my life by by tying my wounds and carrying me to a hospital on his back then dragged me.
I was unconcious for three days I do not remember them. the doctor came and saw me and i thanked him and he asked me to thank the lord so I did. in three days I had healed much faster than any man they had seen in my condition and three days after that I walked again. the doctor came regularly to visit and the day I was leaving the hospital he came to pick me up. I smiled at him and he asked me, I dont know how you do it? how can you heal so quickly? I replied simply those men took 3 days of my life. 3 days I can not get them back. I will not give them one on day more, 3 precious day too much. I want my life.
Now. dont you think you can do a little more towards that one small change each day to make you live closer to the life you were meant to live?
think about it...

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" I replied simply those men

" I replied simply those men took 3 days of my life. 3 days I can not get them back. I will not give them one on day more, 3 precious day too much. I want my life." what a wake up call!