Just Keep Going

Just keep going


Walking in a dream
Just keeps going on

Talking to my self
Others think I'm going on


Calling out and out again
People thinking for the thrill of it

On an on an on again
Tell me what's been going on


Just keep moving
Going through the thick of it

Never looking back again
Don't want to see what's going on


Licking on my wounds
Never think that i am  killing it

My heart just keeps beating on
Taking on the beating of it


All I'll  never see
Is all I'll never be of it

screaming to myself
What the hell's been going on? 


Don't stop just keep going on
On an on an on again

Never stops just keeps going on
On and on and on again


Hanging on hope I just keep holding on
Talking to my selves

Just keep moving on
All I'll ever see is

all the rope will guide
 going on and on 


Walking on through the dreams of it
Thinking back the hell of it

On an on an on again
My heart just takes the beating of it


Don't stop just keep going on
On and on and on again...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my take on an empire of the sun song I get it stuck in my head and I sing different words to it ;)

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yes ss this was brilant i loved the rep-device you used

It's last life is spent tormenting your dreams-zombie cat