Magnetic Mortar...

Magnetized by your pain I dare not break the dam
Loving me so wholly though I am of a different kind
You saw my darkness and it lighted you like a flame
Enticed like a moth You knew we were just a whim,
My true love was waiting, waiting in the wings
The act of sin we both own ended sealing our earthly fate
ever to work towards the undoing, of an innocent crime
Your innocence held me drunk while I dealt with your shame
Young and lost, ever in pain we knew eacothers debts.
For twenty years I wanted pain to set me free and struggled
Between divinity and your love for me. The burden set righted
With a slant not perfectly aligned but greatfully sowed,
You have been my love my hope my return and my anchor of accountability
I have for twenty years soothed your soul and for one brief Moment toiled
With the idea of washing away the Guilt with torrent of a breached damned pain,
to spiritually connect but for one desire so cruel to gain
one of equal measure must be lost.
I am now content to be with you here and now,
sending love to my spiritual loves for now there are two
Because I love you both so and thus I must lie to you both ever in this life
But in the next I will honor you with love and hold you with esteem
as all our parts together In soul light will redeem.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my here and now and everlasting of Which i adore.

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