99% of who you really are,

you cannot see 

How much more could you be? 

And if you could see what you feel

and feel what you could dream 

Would it really change anything? 

The brave would say yes 

The meek would say maybe 

But what would you say?

Would you think it crazy? 

What if the truth is 99% more than you know 

1% perception in a grand old show 

What if you are more than they will let you see 

More than they will ever let you be? 

Who do they think they are? 

Do they really know who you are? 

Do you?

What you are capable of?

Do they know the grit in every scar?

The struggle of every breath to give life to your dreams?

The constant push down of irrelevant things?

Find your truth outside of this closed up realm 

Open your mind to the power within.

Call in creation, bring your 99% to manifesting

you are creation

create and never hesitate

you are you

now start using your life and power  100%

Author's Notes/Comments: 

No limits to joy 

Only pain.

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The Will To Self-Motivate

It takes a while to know what to say/do when quiet has been a long time posture. Stumbling and babbling getting shouted down is the process. That is the learning curve, the running down the street with your hair on fire. Carry provable truth like a banner and maybe a protest pister. Pick a tort and say.


They? Make THEM tremble SS!  :D