I wish I was a vaxxer

I wish I was a Vaxxer

Oh how easy it would be! 

With just a jab I'll suddenly be free

I wouldn't worry about what it would do to me 

I wouldn't check the ingredients list 

I wouldn't look at each element and its long term effects

I would marvel at the speed they could make and inject

I wouldn't wonder why one for cancer hasn't  been invented yet

I wouldn't have hang ups about using aborted foetal cancer infinity cells or about how unethical it seems and on it dwell. 

I could just slip into life oblivious 

Having travel but still wearing masks and socially isolate,

The blind faith and trust in a system of government 

To trust in a government that never works for me 

That drowns me out and thinks the worst of me. 

I wish I was a vaxxer oh how.easy would it be then? 

To just take a risk on a non approved totally indemnified lucrative group. 

No need for vitamin D C melatonin and zinc. 

No need for understanding every flu is a herpes simplex there's more than 10. Glandular fever, measles and whooping cough again. 

I wouldn't worry about extra vaccines for every new strain 

I wouldn't worry about the build up of mercury, phosphor luciferase and aluminium in my brain. 

I would happily take the chance to die in vain 

Because if you get the flu before its time you get a double hit breathing glass and all that slime and shit

I wish i was a vaxxer then I could relax 

I wouldn't worry about the nano identichip and how it tracks when gates opened up in his interview about his pride and joy the new nano digital identity tattoo. 

And his words ringing in my head "If we do a good job by 2030 we could reduce the population to 500,000,000 and save the world form global warming too!"

I wouldn't think about all the African women sterilised in Africa, Ethiopia and Eritrea Christian by nature. All the trials and inhumane treatment of these nations as gunea pigs. 

The vaxxine injuries were horrid. IBwouldn't think about how every major globalist is too damn rich,

I wouldn't think about Davos and builderberg and thier agenda 21. I wouldn't think about anything and just offer myself a human sacrifice and a ticket to hell. 1984 came so quick and no one cares, sorry george orwell, no one knows. they think this is wrong think even when truths are exposed. I just wish I was a vaxxer, then I wouldn't care about the rest. I'd watch TV. believe the news even if I was there and saw it with my own eyes, I'd rest happily in my cognitive dissonance waiting in line for the next lie, telling me it's all my fault, that's why people die! I didn't wear enough masks, I didn't isolate, I sang, I danced and played endangering all the way. I didn't over sanitise to keep the virus and others away. I got my own immunity so how dare I?  Now you know why. I wish my common-sense had run dry. 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

For the pro safe vaxxees and vaxxers out there

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I Seek My Place In Line

This week. The two jab quest to walk the world again masked to protect the uninjected who can not take the jab-jab is at full throttle. The immuno-compromised are at risk - less than a million have died world-wide. Contacting full blown disease may have a horrid long term pain outcome - it is a throw of the die chance - the vax has and will kill people. The choice is individual. usa pledged to vax lesser poorer state residents in 2022-23 as nat'l security program. After usa says yea or nay. 

To vax or not to vax is not a question, it is a sign of our time.  Will proof of jab determine who works? Hmmm...


Kinda ot into the irony of the pome big time. Nove rhetorical device - hit all the bases save masking efficacy, 

Mutation strains - nury still out, and hinans as herds - - a hoot; rather, a moo.


I found contrails and the fake news conspiracy belief in chemtrails from jet exhaust. Cloud seeding is an excellent metaphor. Have to admit would be efficient means of knocking off huge portions of  the usa's citizens; a wind gust might take out Florida to D.C. though instead of Cuba.  Ot good. We drop bombs or would poison the food supply. Jonestown style, 








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Ok this week I found out 2

Ok this week I found out 2 things.

1 is it is not FDA approved but has an emergency use label. It modifies DNA via RNA and is not actually a vaccine it is an experimental treatment. They have labelled it a vaccine to give it a more safe feel. So it is a no from me Joe. Xx enjoy the freedom of choice... if you still have it. A fascist country won't let its citizens leave the country, state borders, homes, wont allow you to visit a shop or buy anything except under their conditions... 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ยก$&am